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Chapter 1. Boost.Accumulators

Eric Niebler

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

Table of Contents 目錄

Preface 前言
User's Guide 用戶指南
The Accumulators Framework 累加器框架
The Statistical Accumulators Library 統計累加器庫
Acknowledgements 鳴謝
Reference 參考
Accumulators Framework Reference 累加器框架參考
Statistics Library Reference 統計庫參考
Numeric Operators Library Reference 數學操作符庫參考

It is better to be approximately right than exactly wrong.
-- Old adage 古諺語

Description 說明

Boost.Accumulators is both a library for incremental statistical computation as well as an extensible framework for incremental calculation in general. The library deals primarily with the concept of an accumulator, which is a primitive computational entity that accepts data one sample at a time and maintains some internal state. These accumulators may offload some of their computations on other accumulators, on which they depend. Accumulators are grouped within an accumulator set. Boost.Accumulators resolves the inter-dependencies between accumulators in a set and ensures that accumulators are processed in the proper order. 
大致上,Boost.Accumulators 既是一個用於增量統計計算的庫,也是一個用於增量計算的可擴展框架。起初該庫主要涉及 accumulator累加器 概念,它是一個簡單的計算實體,每次接受一個數據樣本並維護一些內部狀態。這些累加器可能將其中一些計算卸給其它所依賴的累加器。多個累加器被組成一個 accumulator set累加器集。Boost.Accumulators 解決了一個累加器集中各累加器間的互相依賴,並確保各個累加器以正確的順序進行處理。

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