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Chapter 28. Quickbook 1.4

Joel de Guzman

Eric Niebler

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

Table of Contents 目錄

Introduction 簡介
Change Log 變更日誌
Syntax Summary 語法概要
Comments 註釋
Phrase Level Elements 短語級元素
Block Level Elements 塊級元素
Installation and configuration 安裝與配置
Mac OS X
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Debian, Ubuntu
Editor Support 編輯器支持
Scintilla Text Editor  Scintilla 文本編輯器
KDE Support  KDE 的支持
Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題
Quick Reference 快速參考

Why program by hand in five days what you can spend five years of your life automating?

-- Terrence Parr, author ANTLR/PCCTS

Well, QuickBook started as a weekend hack. It was originally intended to be a sample application using Spirit. What is it? What you are viewing now, this documentation, is autogenerated by QuickBook. These files were generated from one master:
嗯,QuickBook 是從從一個業餘作品開始的。原先,它的目的是要作為一個使用 Spirit 的示例程序。它是什麼?你現在正在看的這篇文檔,就是用 QuickBook 自動生成的。這些文件是從以下這個主文件生成的:

Originally named QuickDoc, this funky tool that never dies, evolved into a funkier tool thanks to Eric Niebler who resurrected the project making it generate BoostBook instead of HTML. The BoostBook documentation format is an extension of DocBook, an SGML or XML based format for describing documentation.
這個起初名為 QuickDoc 的時髦工具從未失去生機,它演變為一個更為時髦的工具,這要感謝 Eric Niebler,是他救活了這個工具,讓它生成 BoostBook 而不是 HTML。BoostBook 文檔格式是 DocBook 的一個擴展,是一種用於描述文檔的,基於 SGML 或 XML 的格式。

QuickBook is a WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++ documentation using simple rules and markup for simple formatting tasks. QuickBook extends the WikiWiki concept. Like the WikiWiki, QuickBook documents are simple text files. A single QuickBook document can generate a fully linked set of nice HTML and PostScript/PDF documents complete with images and syntax- colorized source code.
QuickBook 是一個 WikiWiki 風格的文檔工具,面向 C++ 文件,使用簡單的規則和標記來簡化格式化的任務。QuickBook 擴展了 WikiWiki 的要領。與 WikiWiki 類似,QuickBook 文檔是簡單的文本文件。單個 QuickBook 文檔可以生成一整套完全鏈接在一起的、漂亮的 HTML 和 PostScript/PDF 文檔,並帶有圖像和按語法著色的源代碼。

Features include:

  • generate BoostBook xml, to generate HTML, PostScript and PDF
    生成 BoostBook xml,進而生成 HTML, PostScript 和 PDF
  • simple markup to link to Doxygen-generated entities
    簡單的標記,用於鏈接至 Doxygen 生成的實體
  • macro system for simple text substitution
  • simple markup for italics, bold, preformatted, blurbs, code samples, tables, URLs, anchors, images, etc.
  • automatic syntax coloring of code samples
  • CSS support
    支持 CSS