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This is a list of available resources for support with Boost.Python problems and feature requests. Please try to resist emailing the Boost.Python developers directly for support. Use the following resources instead; the developers are listening!

բʇ闠ڂoost.PythonΊ̢ꍌؐԐ至兒ɓ×ʔ䁐᭡㍊ ǫﲻҪֱ퓷Ⓤ쾸迪碕ߡ㼯b> ǫ;ӃҔς׊Դ㻿귢՟սԚᶌ

Boost Consulting - Commercial support, development, training, and distribution for all the Boost libraries, from the people who brought you Boost.Python.
Boost Consulting - Ɍҵ֧㖡⿪碡Ⅰѵ㬺ͷַ₯ost㼢r>  
The Python C++-sig mailing list is a forum for discussing Python/C++ interoperability, and Boost.Python in particular. Post your Boost.Python questions here.
Python C++-sigӊ쾁팖›Python/C++륲ٗ琔儂ی㣬 ̘ᰊǂoost.Pythonᣇ딚Յ̹ģ儂oost.PythonΊ̢᣼br>  
The Boost.Python Wiki Pages established by Mike Rovner as part of the PythonInfo Wiki serves as a forum to gather peoples' experience and as a cookbook.
Mike Rovnerɨb儼b>Boost.Python Wiki ҳa㬋슇PythonInfo Wiki 儒븶ש㉲﷝㬓A䊕쯾푩㬒⊇һᾴꂫ䳈루cookbook㩡㼢r>  

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