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Test everything that could possibly break

--XP maxim

The Boost Test Library provides a matched set of components for writing test programs, organizing tests in to simple test cases and test suites, and controlling their runtime execution. The Program Execution Monitor is also useful in some production (non-test) environments.
Boost Test 庫提供了一組組件,用於編寫測試程序,將測試組織成簡單的測試用例和測試套件,並且控制它們的執行。 程序執行監視器 (Program Execution Monitor) 在工業環境 (production environment) 下同樣有用。

About this documentation

This documentation is not intended to be read though from the beginning to the end by a novice user. You can do that if you are interested in detailed bottom-up description of all Boost.Test components. Otherwise you are better off jumping directly to the subject of your interest. For example, if you are interested in unit testing framework you may go directly there, but for novice users I recommend to start from simple tutorials. Looking for quick help - check FAQ section for resolution to many popular issues you may be faced with. Most pages should link you directly to the terms that you need to understand it. For help with compilation see compilation sections of an appropriate component.
本文檔並不適用於初學者從頭讀到尾。 如果你對 Boost.Test 所有組件的細節感興趣,你可以自下而上地閱讀所有細節解釋。 否則你可能最好是直接跳到感興趣的章節閱讀。 例如,如果你對單元測試框架 (unit testing framework) 感興趣,你可以直接閱讀 這裡, 但對於初學者來說,我建議從簡單的教程 (tutorial) 開始。 查看 FAQ 部分,可以找到很多可能會遇到的常見問題的解決方法。 大多數頁面直接指向你需要瞭解的東西。 關於編譯的幫助,可以查看相應組件的編譯部分。

Release notes

For more details see complete release notes.

Portability 可移植性

Because the Boost Test Library is critical for porting and testing Boost libraries, it has been written to be conservative in its use of C++ features, and to keep dependencies to a bare minimum.
因為 Boost Test 庫是用於嚴格測試 Boost 庫的,所以它非常保守地使用 C++ 的特性,並且只依賴於很小的一部分。

Boost.Test supports all main Boost compilers and platforms. Confirmation of its status on core and additional platforms/compilers can be seen by viewing Boost.Test's own internal regression test results on release status page or trunk status page
Boost.Test 支持 Boost 所有主要的編譯器和平台。 在核心和其它平台 / 編譯器的評價可以 release status pagetrunk status page 上看到 Boost.Test 自己內部的回歸測試報告。