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Support of the auto-linking feature

For the Microsoft family of compilers the UTF provides an ability to automatically select proper library name and add it to the list of objects to be linked with. By default this feature is enabled. To disable it you have to define the flag BOOST_TEST_NO_LIB. For more details on the auto-linking feature implementation and configuration you should consult the appropriate documentation.
對於 Microsoft 族的編譯器,UTF 提供了自動選擇適當庫名字並將要鏈接的對象添加到列表的功能。 這個特性默認開啟。 要想關閉它可以定義標籤 BOOST_TEST_NO_LIB。 更多關閉自動鏈接特性的實現和配置可以參見相應的文檔